Home Repairs after Winter Storm

If you experienced damage in your home from the winter storm event (freezing conditions) know that most minor home repairs DO NOT require a permit.  However, some work may require permitting, which is done for your protection .  Sure, permitting may include a small fee to cover inspection cost, but permitting provides a detailed plan review and an inspection to ensure the work is completed in accordance with building code requirements.  Additionally, permitting requires that contractors register with the City (which confirms they meet certification and licensing requirements)

Attached is a guide that explains what home remodeling / repair projects require a permit at shavanopark.org/permitguide.  In addition, we compiled a list of some specific projects that DO NOT require a permit. You may be doing a number of these items to repair your home:
(1) Burst / Broken water lines.
(2) Outdoor hose bibs / minor sprinkler system repair.
(3) Toilet repair/replacement.
(4) Faucet repair/replacement.
(5) Water softener repair/replacement.
(6) Hot tub repair.
(7) Sheet rock replacement.
(8) Painting.
(9) Wallpapering.
(10) Floor covering.
(11) Replacing rotten wood when less than 20 percent of exterior surfaces are involved
(12) General roof maintenance not to exceed ten percent of total surface.
(13) Electrical: Minor repair or maintenance work of current carrying parts of any switch, contact or control device

Permits are required for:
(1) New Plumbing; Hot Water Heater replacement; Water Line Replacement.
(2) Septic Systems - Conventional & Aerobic Systems; Sewer Line Replacement.
(3) Electrical (New Construction).
(4) Mechanical / HVAC installation or modification.
(5) New / major Irrigation / back-flow.

You may call our permitting office for questions or clarifications at (210) 493-3478.