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In 2016 the Shavano Park Citizen's Tree Committee spearheaded the City's efforts to become a Tree City USA. This program, administered by the Arbor Day Foundation since 1976, recognizes communities committed to sound urban forestry management. Over 3,400 communities are a part of this program. A community is required to maintain a tree board, have a community tree ordinance, spend at least $2 per capita on urban forestry and celebrate Arbor Day.

Citizens Tree Committee

Purpose: To provide non-binding advice and input regarding possible oak wilt, tree trimming and generally accepted urban forestry practices. Citizen members are tasked with walking and/or driving in their area, looking for signs of oak wilt and/or poor tree trimming practices and reporting observations to staff.

Membership: The Tree Committee consist of a minimum of seven (7) residents appointed by City Council, one (1) City Council member appointed by City Council. One (1) staff member appointed by the City Manager; and one (1) International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist or forester appointed by the City Council, preferably a resident, to serve as subject matter expert for the committee. 

Term: Members shall serve for two-year staggered terms with the initial membership splitting 1 and 2 year terms evenly distributed as determined by City Council.

Meets: The committee shall meet a minimum of 4 times a year at City Hall in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act. All meetings will be posted and held at City Hall and open to the public. The Chair may schedule additional meetings or cancel scheduled meetings as deemed. The first meeting of each year shall be a training meeting. The committee shall give a report to Council twice a year.

Board Roster

Member Term End
J. David Pierce 9-30-2024
Bennett Closner 9-30-2024
Randy Smith 9-30-2025
Scott Simon 9-30-2025
Jean Countryman 9-30-2025
Ashley Aleman  9-30-2025
Mary Young     9-30-2024
Marcia Lynch 9-30-2024
Jackson Kennett 9-30-2025
Johnny Villarreal Staff
Mark Kroeze Urban Forester

Tree Committee Rules
Tree Committee Agendas & Minutes