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NW Military Highway Project Information Page

This page will serve as a single stop to get the latest information, updates and answers regarding the Summer 2021 NW Military Highway Improvement project being accomplished with Federal and State funds. This webpage will be regularly updated, so bookmark it in your web browser for quick access. You can also follow the City on Facebook, Twitter, or see our updates in the Shavano Park Nextdoor community.

UPDATE (5/9/24)
The City received notice from TxDOT contractor that NW Military asphalt paving will begin Sunday night, May 19th and paving will occur for for 10 days each night. Paving will start from Huebner and move north towards 1604. Two-lane traffic will be maintained throughout the process, but lanes shifted as each lane is worked on.

UPDATE (4/18/24)
The City received notice from TxDOT that the final asphalt overlay of NW Military and lane striping will occur over the next two weeks, 4/21/24 and 5/3/24. Contractor will shut down of either northbound  lane or southbound lane as needed. Traffic will be shifted to inside lane.  Contractor will only be closing one lane in either direction at a time and shifting traffic on to the Center Two Way Left Turn lane to maintain two way traffic flow at all time.  Closures will be utilized weather permitting and will be picked up the same day.

UPDATE (1/17/24)

City recently got an update from TxDOT regarding the completion of NW Military Hwy.  Bottom line is that the contractors have fallen behind the original planned schedule, but by the End of March, they will be complete with all roadway items except final asphalt overlay.

Biggest concern we still have is the the ponding of water at N and S Warbler and at Turkey Creek / Longbow will not be resolved until the final asphalt overlay.  By the end of May, TxDOT contractors are scheduled to be complete with Final Asphalt Overlay. NOTE: The City has asked TxDOT to extend curbing from the edge of road to the edge of ROW on the East side.  This is an unplanned task as prior to our road construction, as there were no curbs on City’s roads when the TxDOT project started construction.  TxDOT did plan to redo the curbs on the streets west side of NW Mil Hwy and are mostly complete.  A few key points: 

Updated Timeline for project completion:

  • End of March: Complete with all roadway items except final asphalt overlay.
  • End of April: Complete will all punch-list items.
  • End of May: Complete with Final Overlay.
  • End of June: Complete with all pavement markings.
  • End of July: Closeout Project Records.

Items that have affected project completion schedule include:

  • $1.6M of added work via change orders. Some of them were 3rd party initiated for CPS.  As of today, TxDOT has added 71 construction days due to these change orders.
  • A lot of added work due to driveways:
    • Several driveways had to be re-done due to COSP utility placement after contractor had already poured the driveway
    • The CoSP Fire Station driveway was widened
    • Several other driveways were widened and extended past TxDOT ROW line due to address COSP and property owner concerns
  • Currently under review:
    • COSP is requesting additional work to tie in TxDOT’s raised curb to the City’s planned ribbon curbs outside TxDOT ROW. This is currently under review to confirm drainage will not be affected.  
  • Weather is playing a factor for final asphalt overlay to be placed due to temperature restrictions.

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What does this project accomplish?

When does this Project Start? When will it end?

Will there be Right-of-Way acquisition by the State?

How much does this project cost?

What will lane closures look like during construction?

What will the speed limit be during construction?

Will I have to move my mailbox or fence if it is near the highway?

How do I get my mail during construction?

How will I access my home during construction?

How will I receive trash and recycling services during construction?

How many trees will be removed? Will there be re-plantings?

I hear that a lot of trees will need to be removed in the TxDOT right-of-way. The Shavano Park Planning and Zoning Commission’s concept that was presented to TxDOT asked that the sidewalk meander through the right-of-way in order to save more trees. Why did TxDOT not follow the City’s initial design request?

If the road was only going to be widened and only a bike lane added, what is the typical “no tree clear zone” from the curb or the edge of the pavement where trees would be removed?

Will the storm water drain pipes be predominately located over the bike lane or the sidewalk?  If the answer is the sidewalk, then the trees would have to be removed to emplace the storm water drain pipes, whether there was a sidewalk or not…

If there is a tree right next to the sidewalk (let’s say one foot), will that tree need to be removed?

Who do I contact if I have problems or concerns with the construction?

Who do I contact if I have problems with my water service?

What days and times will construction work take place?

How can I stay up to date with the project?

If runoff flows onto the Elm Spring roadway, what length of NW Military Highway will that rainwater be from?  Which direction will the drainage culverts be pitched?

If runoff flows onto Elm Spring Lane, what plans are being made to mitigate the impact of the additional storm water?

Given the widening of the road by approximately 14 feet, 10 inches on both the east and west side of the current road (creating a total cross-section width of 79 ft,  8 inches feet of impervious cover, which includes the new curb and sidewalks); how is it that the amount of storm water collected will remain the same?

I see there is a plan to extend the median from Loop 1604 south to Wagon Trail.  Why is the median required from Pond Hill Road to Wagon Trail?