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NW Military Highway Project Information Page

This page will serve as a single stop to get the latest information, updates and answers regarding the Summer 2021 NW Military Highway Improvement project being accomplished with Federal and State funds. This webpage will be regularly updated, so bookmark it in your web browser for quick access. You can also follow the City on Facebook, Twitter, or see our updates in the Shavano Park Nextdoor community.

UPDATE (5/13/22)
There will be lane closures May 16 - 20th, 7AM to 6PM each day for the continued utility work. 1 Northbound or 1 Southbound lane will be closed at a time, maintaining 2 lanes each direction. Various locations at side street intersections will have one way traffic control with flaggers.

UPDATE (4/11/22)
Bottom line up front – NW Military Hwy improvement project is currently on schedule and is projected to be complete the spring of 2024 as planned. We are in Phase One of the project, which is utility relocation and storm water drainage construction.There are five major components to Phase One: 1) ATT Communications Lines relocation; 2) Water Line Relocation (Shavano Park and SAWS); 3) CPS Gas Line Relocation; 4) New Traffic Signals at Pond Hill and DeZavala; 5) Storm water culverts and drainage construction.

Here is a status of each.
1) ATT Communications Lines Relocation
– Completed June 2021

2) Water Lines:
a. Shavano Park Requirements
included six (6) water main crossings of NW Military Hwy. All six new crossings have been emplaced; four have been activated (connected); one determined not needed; one remaining to be connected.  Requirements included three new (3) sections of water main paralleling the highway. 1. North section – Wagon trail to 200 ft south of End gate (Awaiting Gas Line work first) 2. Middle section – 15618 NW Military to Fawn Dr (Completed and activated) 3. South Section – 100 ft section that starts 350 ft south of Bent Oak (Pending)

b. SAWS Water Line Crossing / Relocation near Starbucks (SAWS) –
Completed and water line activated 17 March 2022

3) CPS Gas Lines. 
Requirements included six (6) gas line crossings of NW Military Hwy. All six new crossings have been emplaced but not activated. Requirement include new 8” High pressure and 4” distribution gas mains in the same trench along the entire east side of NW Military Hwy from Loop 1604 to Huebner Road.
1. Gas Lines has been installed from south of Cliffside to south side of Wagon Trail. No gas lines have been activated.
2. Boring crews start next week to bore underground: 1) from Wagon Trail to Pond Hill; under NW Military Hwy at Pond Hill; and to bore from Pond Hill to Loop 1604 access road in front of the Exxon gas station
3. Contractor is working at Fawn and NW Military to install a new gas regulator/blow off for the high pressure main

4) New Traffic signals –
The original subcontractor L&H was fired in March 22. The new subcontractor (SAECO) has now signed contract and is waiting on material. DeZavala: All the drill shafts (concrete pole support columns) have been installed 2. Temporary span wire lights are installed because old traffic pole was in the way 3. Waiting on materials (primary pole and the mast arm) 25 week estimated ship
Pond Hill: Currently all the drill shafts (pole columns have been installed) 2. Conduit trenching will start in about 1 month 3. Waiting on materials (primary pole and the mast arm) 25 week estimated ship

5) Storm Water Culverts and Drainage.
There are five (5) culverts being worked and numerous sections of underground storm water drain pipes to be installed. The contractors are just getting started on these improvements. 
Culvert B – Complete replacement at 16420 NW Military (3 houses south of Wagon Trail) 1. Concrete sections crossings under NW Mil Hwy are installed (5’ x 7’ in size) 2. Framing headwalls and flume are in progress
Culvert E – Complete replacement at Elm Spring 1. Not been installed; waiting on new box culverts 2. Temporary extensions were completed to allow temporary widening of road
Culvert F - Complete replacement located at City Hall Police Driveway 1. Not been installed; waiting on new box culverts 2. Temporary extensions were completed to allow temporary widening of road
Culvert C & D – (located either side of Turkey Creek - Extension of existing culverts only 1. Work has not been started 
Storm Water Drain System – extends multiple locations on both sides of the road.

On April 6th, contractor began adding temporary asphalt on the east side of NW Mil Hwy in order to build temporary lanes, which will allow storm drain work on the other side of the road to proceed without significantly reducing traffic lanes. 1. Work has just begun - emplaced new drainage pipes along Mossy Cup to Longbow on the west side 2. Work will continue in various locations

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What does this project accomplish?

When does this Project Start? When will it end?

Will there be Right-of-Way acquisition by the State?

How much does this project cost?

What will lane closures look like during construction?

What will the speed limit be during construction?

Will I have to move my mailbox or fence if it is near the highway?

How do I get my mail during construction?

How will I access my home during construction?

How will I receive trash and recycling services during construction?

How many trees will be removed? Will there be re-plantings?

I hear that a lot of trees will need to be removed in the TxDOT right-of-way. The Shavano Park Planning and Zoning Commission’s concept that was presented to TxDOT asked that the sidewalk meander through the right-of-way in order to save more trees. Why did TxDOT not follow the City’s initial design request?

If the road was only going to be widened and only a bike lane added, what is the typical “no tree clear zone” from the curb or the edge of the pavement where trees would be removed?

Will the storm water drain pipes be predominately located over the bike lane or the sidewalk?  If the answer is the sidewalk, then the trees would have to be removed to emplace the storm water drain pipes, whether there was a sidewalk or not…

If there is a tree right next to the sidewalk (let’s say one foot), will that tree need to be removed?

Who do I contact if I have problems or concerns with the construction?

Who do I contact if I have problems with my water service?

What days and times will construction work take place?

How can I stay up to date with the project?

If runoff flows onto the Elm Spring roadway, what length of NW Military Highway will that rainwater be from?  Which direction will the drainage culverts be pitched?

If runoff flows onto Elm Spring Lane, what plans are being made to mitigate the impact of the additional storm water?

Given the widening of the road by approximately 14 feet, 10 inches on both the east and west side of the current road (creating a total cross-section width of 79 ft,  8 inches feet of impervious cover, which includes the new curb and sidewalks); how is it that the amount of storm water collected will remain the same?

I see there is a plan to extend the median from Loop 1604 south to Wagon Trail.  Why is the median required from Pond Hill Road to Wagon Trail?