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NW Military Highway Project Information Page

This page will serve as a single stop to get the latest information, updates and answers regarding the Summer 2021 NW Military Highway Improvement project being accomplished with Federal and State funds.

Much more to follow as this page is built. If you have feedback on this webpage email


What does this project accomplish?

When does this Project Start? When will it end?

Will there be Right-of-Way acquisition by the State?

Will TXDOT be discharging water into the Elm spring culvert?

If they discharge onto the Elm Spring roadway, what length of NW Military Highway will that rainwater be from?  Which direction will the drainage culverts be pitched? 

If they discharge onto Elm Spring Lane, what plans are being made to mitigate the impact of the additional storm water 

Given the widening of the road by approximately 14 ft – 10 in on both the east and west side of the current road (creating a total cross-section width of 79 ft – 8 in feet of impervious cover, which includes the new curb and sidewalks); how is it that the amount of storm water collected will remain the same?