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Boards & Commissions

Citizen-centered Government: A Shavano Park Commitment

Volunteers play a key role in keeping City government close to the people it serves. Your ideas, feedback and suggestions are invaluable. The City Council depends on input from volunteers serving on Boards, Commissions, and Committees. These Boards, Commissions, and Committees advise City Council, City Manager, and City Staff. City Council makes their annual appointments at the end of September for terms to begin Oct. 1st.  

Any resident over the age of 18 that is a registered voter may be a member on these boards/commissions. Members serve without monetary compensation and are appointed by the Mayor and/or City Council as required by the rules of appointment for each Board/Commission. Members must take an oath of office and serve in the interest of the Shavano Park community. As a member of a Board/Commission, those who serve are subject to the standards of ethical conduct contained in the City of Shavano Park Code of Ethics and all requirements under the Texas Local Government Code.

To access information on the citizen-appointed Planning & Zoning Commission, Water Advisory Committee, Citizen's Tree Committee, Board of Adjustment and Investment Committee, visit their respective pages!  Details on two non-citizen appointed Boards and Commissions are below. Questions may be directed to the City Secretary at 210-581-1116 or via email at

If you are a resident of Shavano Park and would like to get more involved in your great community, you can do so by volunteering to serve on one of the Boards / Commissions. Shavano Park has many ways you can serve.

Applications are available at City Hall or under Quick Links below. If you need assistance or have any questions, please call the City Secretary at 210-581-1116.

These two boards below are statutorily required and are simply composed of City Council members. Rosters of the Citizen-appointed boards is linked on the page sidebar or above if on mobile.

Texas Higher Education Facilities Corporation Board

The Corporation is organized exclusively for the purposes of benefiting and accomplishing public purposes of, and to act on behalf of, the City pursuant to Section 53.35(b) of the Higher Education Authority Act (Chapter 53, Texas Education Code, as amended). The specific purposes for which the Corporation is organized and may issue bonds on behalf of the City are any purposes permitted by the Act including, but not limited to, the financing or refinancing of "educational facilities" or "housing facilities" (as such terms are defined in the Act) and facilities which are incidental, subordinate, or related thereto or appropriate in connection therewith located in the State of Texas in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Act, all to be done for or on behalf of the City.

Crime Control and Prevention District Board
A Crime Control and Prevention District is a special purpose district created for the purpose of improving crime prevention and reducing crime. The Crime Control and Prevention District provides supplemental funding to assist the Police Department in fighting crime. Funding for the district is generated from a 0.25% sales tax. The mission of the board is to recommend and approve the annual budget for the district. Under state law, funds collected in a crime control district may be used to fund salaries, equipment, education, etc.