Code Compliance

SPPD_logo_transparentShavano Park Police Department
900 Saddletree Court, San Antonio, TX 78231
Phone: (210) 492.9248, Fax: (210) 492.2824

Code Violation Report Form
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The purpose of  Code Compliance is to protect the public health, safety and welfare within the community regarding the conditions of properties through compliance with the City of Shavano Park Code of Ordinances.  Code Compliance responsible for monitoring both public and private property, commercial and residential, to ensure that there are no health or safety hazards that may endanger the public. 

The City’s Code of Ordinances address a wide variety of areas, including building construction and safety, fire safety, nuisance violations, public health, zoning and sign violations.

The City's approach to enforcement is to investigate, educate, inform, request, enforce, and abate.  To this end the City's Code Compliance Officer works closely with property owners to gain voluntary compliance, however there may be occasion when a more  formal approach which involves written notice and possible issuance of citations.

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