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Shavano Park Neighborhood Crime Watch

Welcome to the Shavano Park Neighborhood Crime Watch web page!

On March 23, 2020 the City Council passed a resolution adopting the National Neighborhood Watch Program as a city sponsored/managed program, with the police department overseeing this. The City is happy to report that your police force has already began this task and is excited to enhance your ability to obtain information on criminal activity in Shavano Park.

So, what does the Neighborhood Watch program mean?  Keeping our own homes, vehicles, and ourselves safe and secure.  Locking our doors and windows of our home, locking the doors to your vehicle and not leaving valuables inside the vehicle and being aware of our surroundings if we are out walking or shopping.   It also means that we will keep a watch on our neighbors, keeping an eye out when our neighbor is away for the weekend or longer, seeing that unknown vehicle parked on the street or an unknown person walking around our neighbors’ home while away. By each of us seeing something suspicious, then saying something by calling the police to investigate, we can work together to continue to curb crime.

To recieve updates on our department, all you need to do is join the Shavano Park Police Neighborhood Watch network, an email system in which we can email all members when a crime has occurred.  These emails will be sent to you without other citizens or non-Police staff having access to your email address, and will always come from our city email system to you.  We will also not email any information except crime occurrences or a single monthly crime report, in our effort to keep you, our citizens informed.

More to follow on how to signup to the Neighborhood Watch email system.