Frequently Asked Questions

What is City Hall's Hours of Operation?

When is Trash and Recycle Pickup?

Can I have a Garage Sale? When is the City-wide Garage Sale?

When is Brush pickup?

Should I trim my trees near electrical lines?

How best to stop solicitors from accessing my home?

I have a Code Compliance complaint or question. Who do I call?

My pet is lost. How do I find out if it has been picked up?

How do I obtain a Shavano Park resident sticker for my vehicle?

I'm going on vacation. Can I get police to check my home while I'm away?

Can I get fingerprinting services?

How do I obtain a copy of a crash report or police offense report?

Do I need a permit for a PODS? (Portable On-Demand Storage Structures)

I have a casual question regarding police services. What number should I call?

When are City Council meetings?

What Type of Government is the City?

How do I request a speed hump on a residential road?