Identity Theft and Fraud Crimes

The Shavano Park Police Department investigates a multitude of crimes including those considered ‘White Collar’ crimes and ‘Forgery’.

White Collar crime generally involves the crimes of embezzlement, elder fraud, intellectual property crimes (fake merchandise), barratry and other complex financial crimes. As financial technology becomes more elaborate, criminals devise increasingly complicated schemes in an attempt to defraud individuals, businesses and entities. Detectives train continuously to stay on top of crime trends and communicate with businesses and individuals in an attempt to minimize risk and loss. 

Most white-collar crimes are identified over time and don’t constitute an emergency. If your situation does demand immediate attention and is an emergency, please call 911 and ask that an officer respond. Otherwise, due to the complex nature of these crimes and their investigation, we ask that you call us to make an appointment to discuss your case. During your appointment, a detective will have an opportunity to review your records and determine how best to proceed. A detective will also advise you as to what further documentation will be needed to prove a criminal case.

White Collar Complaint Packet can be downloaded here:  White Collar Crime Packet

Forgery cases generally include crimes such as credit card abuse, identity theft, counterfeit/forged checks, tampering with government records, and counterfeit U.S. Currency cases (in conjunction with the U.S. Secret Service). Crimes not associated with Forgery’s include “internet scams” unless they involve a counterfeit check, forged check, identity theft, credit/debit card abuse or counterfeit currency. Any “scam” without those items are classified as ‘Theft’ cases.

Because of the large volume of cases and the fact that financial institutions will not provide evidence without a subpoena, you will be asked to provide certain documents that you are entitled to by law without a subpoena. Instructions on how to obtain these items are provided in the investigation packets. Video will not be obtained unless there is a reasonable expectation the suspect can be identified by the account/card holder. Identifications are generally made using photo lineups. 

What packet should I complete for a Forged Check? Ultimately, the account holder is needed for an indictment; however, to prevent duplicate investigations, who makes a forgery report depends on where the check/money order was tendered and whether it has cleared the account. 

  • If a business accepted a check and it was returned as a forgery, the business reports the forgery and completes a Forgery-Acceptor Packet. Any business submitting a packet must provide a legible copy of the check/money order (front and back), and any photos or video available (with affidavit). A report will be written once the packet is received in our office. Do not submit “Hot Checks” to the Shavano Park Police Department as those are investigated by the Bexar County Hot Check Section
  • If you are an account holder on a check or the purchaser of a money order and discover one of your checks/money orders has been stolen, forged and cashed, a report is needed. Once you have a case number, complete a Forgery-Account Holder Packet. If your checks/money orders were taken in a burglary (vehicle, residence, business), use the original case number for your packet. The forgery will be handled under that case number. If your checks/money orders were taken as a theft, you are a victim of Texas Penal Code statute 32.24 Stealing or Receiving Stolen Check or Similar Sight Order. If you have not made a report, one can be made by calling 210-804-0110. Once a report is made, the case number is used in the Account Holder packet. The original or a bank-furnished copy (also known as a legal or certified copy) of the check or money order (front and back) will be needed PRIOR to the case being investigated. 

The following items are REQUIRED before an investigation can begin: 

  1. Shavano Park Police Department report with case number. 
  2. Completion of the appropriate packet related to your case. (click on the appropriate packet) 
    1. Credit / Debit Card Abuse - Cardholder
    2. Forgery - Acceptor Packet
    3. Forgery - Account Holder Packet
    4. Identity Theft

Investigations are detailed in nature, require specialized investigative techniques and take an extraordinary amount of time to complete. The investigation will involve following a paper trail to build a case for prosecution. Cases that do not meet the minimum solvability factors will be suspended pending further investigation and the evidence maintained. Once we have received the above documents, your case will be reviewed to determine if there is sufficient information to proceed with an investigation. The detective assigned to your case will notify you if further information is required.