Lost Pets

Lost or Found Pets and DeZavala-Shavano Veterinary Clinic
In addition to the veterinary care provided to many of our pets, our local DeZavala-Shavano Veterinary Clinic (the Clinic) provides a valuable service to Shavano Park by handling all aspects of animal control.  This article is meant to inform you of that service and what to do if you have lost your pet or found one. 

The City is contracted with the Clinic to temporarily hold lost pets that have been caught in Shavano Park by our Police Officers or one of our citizens in effort to find and return the pet to their owner.  Animals from neighboring communities are the responsibility of the City of San Antonio and should not be taken to the Clinic

If I have lost my pet, how do I see if it has been found?


To report a lost / loose pet, call the non-emergency dispatch number at (210) 804-0110.  If a lost / loose pet has been reported in Shavano Park, the Police Department will send an officer to find and attempt to catch it. If caught, the officer will attempt to locate the owner by reading contact information on the tag or collar. If there is no information, the officer will take the animal to the Shavano Park Police Department where they will search for an implanted microchip. If there is still no luck in locating the owner, the officer will take the animal to the Clinic.

At the Clinic, the pet will be given food and water. One of the Clinic’s veterinarians will do a basic assessment of the animal’s health. The clinic will also check for a microchip. If the owner cannot be determined, the staff at the Clinic sends an email to one of our residents with a picture, description of the pet and where it was found. This email will be sent to residents on the shavanopetfind1@aol.com list who asked to be notified so they can possibly help to reunite the pet with their owner.  If you lose your pet and want to know if it was found, please call the clinic at (210) 699-3939.  If your pet is lost, send an email with a picture of your pet, description and where your pet was last seen to the Clinic at contact.us@dezavalavet.com and to shavanopetfind1@aol.com to notify other residents.

The Clinic boards the pets for a week while they try to locate the owner. If the owners are not found, the Clinic works with local groups to find the pet a new home. Everyone is encouraged to send their email address to either one of the emails above. They will then be notified if a pet has been lost or found and can possibly play a role in reuniting a pet with their owner