Permit Office

Marisa Knuffke, Permit Clerk - Email   - 210.493.3478


The Permit Clerk strives to provide excellent customer service to the residents of Shavano Park and is responsible for providing the following:

  • IMPLEMENTATION of all Building Codes and City Ordinances during the construction, alteration and improvement of the built environment to secure the beneficial interests of public life, health, and welfare.
  • ASSURANCE that all construction is performed by licensed and/or registered contractors.
  • TIMELY response to the questions, issues and concerns of the residents of the City of Shavano Park on matters related to the above functions of the Permit Office.


To schedule an inspection please contact the Permit Clerk at 210.493.3478, by 3:00 pm, the afternoon prior to the inspection. 

Inspections are conducted between the hours of 8:00 am – 11:00 am, Monday – Friday. 

Failure to obtain a permit prior to the commencement of work will result in a double permit fee.

The Permit Clerk will process all building permits and schedule all inspections required for construction within the city limits.  Residential and Commercial Building permits are reviewed by BB Inspection Services, LLC, which is under contract with the City of Shavano Park.  For questions regarding inspections, or to schedule an inspection please call 210.493.3478

Inspections are conducted to ensure that a project is in compliance with City ordinances and state regulations.  The Inspection costs are included in the permit fee. 


At the completion of each inspection, the Inspector will leave an approval/disapproval form at the job site.  The status of your inspection will be indicated on the form.  If your inspection requires a correction, that item must be corrected and re inspected again for compliance before the project can proceed.  If an inspection has failed, a $50.00 re inspection fee will be due.  The re inspection fee must be paid prior to rescheduling the re inspection. 

All contractors applying for a permit from the City of Shavano Park will be required to register with the City. The annual contractor registration fee will be $50. No City registration fees will be assessed to licensed Plumbing, Electrician, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm or Septic contractors per state law. 

State Licensed Contractor Registration Form
General Contractor Registration Form


1. Copy of Trade License (front & back).

2. Copy of a Valid Driver’s License

3. Certificate of Liability Insurance for $1,000,000.00, reflecting the City of Shavano Park as the Certificate Holder. Note: Please use the address 900 Saddletree Court, Shavano Park, TX 78231 on the Certificate of Liability Insurance.

4. Authorization to pull permits (must be notarized).

General List of Building Inspections
For inspections ensure jobsite clearly addressed and a copy of permit is posted.   

Building Inspections:
Foundation/Prepour (includes elec/cee in fd, plmb in fd.  Plmb to be under test)
Form Survey (Paperwork on site)

FEMP (includes Frame with windbrace & shearwall, Plmb Top Out, Mech R-in, Elec R-in, Gas R-in, Shower Pan)

Building Final (includes Bldg, Plmb, Mech, Elec, Irrigation)
Pool pre-gunite (includes pool steel, plmb, elec bonding)
Pool Final (includes fence/barrier, alarms, equipment)
Shed/Accessory Building
Certificate of Occupancy
Others per city requirements

Sequencing of residential inspections (may not apply to all situations, no work is to be covered without an inspection, no partial inspections). 

Additional inspections may be required based on scope of work: 

Plumbing rough/Sewer/Water line (call at the same time)
Form survey (provide with plumbing rough request, to be onsite)
Foundation (includes plumbing and electrical)

FEMP – frame, windbrace/shearwall, elec rough, HVAC rough, plmb top out, gas r-in, shower
TOPS & Gas Final – (TOPS,Residential trim to be complete or blanked off.  No loose wires, open boxes.  Under the direct control of the jobsite electrician.)

FINAL – bldg, elec, mech, plmb, irrigation 
Energy testing (Submit paperwork – see document submittals)

Similar to above, varies by job.  Partial inspections may incur additional fees.

Fire inspections – Contact Fire Department at 210-492-1111
Certificate of Occupancy

The following are miscellaneous, individual inspections.  These inspections should be called in conjunction with the inspections noted above “Building inspections” and “Sequencing Of inspections”.  Again, not a complete list but most common. 

Plumbing Inspections: 

Sewer & water service
Top Out
Above Ceiling (Commercial)
Shower Pan
Water Heater
Gas Rough-in
Gas Final
Med Gas Rough-in
Med Gas Final
Irrigation Final (T&M onsite, leave meter connections open. Separate permit required.)

Electrical Inspections:

TML (Temporary Meter Loop)
TOPS (Temporary on Permit Service)
Above Ceiling (Commercial)
Pole/Parking Lights (Commercial)

Mechanical Inspections:

Above Ceiling (Commercial) 

Sign Inspections: 


Additional inspections may be required based on scope of work. 

If masonry work is to be started prior to FEMP inspection, an exterior cover-up/brick lug inspection is required.  This is an extra inspection. 

Windbrace/Shearwall engineer letters may be substituted in lieu of inspection for those items only. 

For additional information refer to the IRC Sections R109/R110 and the IBC Sections 110/111. 

Inspection Document Submittals (submit via email):
Energy Certification (Duct blasting & Blower Door)
Foundation Letter (Engineer’s Certification)
Engineering letters (any)
Termite Letter (R318.1.3, use of pressure treated wood)
Irrigation Test and Maintenance Report (T&M Report)