Investment Committee

Purpose: To assist City Council and City staff in deliberation of such topics as: performance reports, economic outlook, portfolio, diversification, maturity structure, potential risk to the City's funds, authorized brokers and dealers and the target rate of return on the investment portfolio. The committee may make recommendations to the Investment Officer and the Council.

Membership: The Investment Committee consists of the City Manager, Finance Director and three (3) outside committee members as appointed by Council.

Term:  Council-appointed members serve for a two (2) year term.

Meets: At least semi-annual or other time frame to determine operational strategies and to monitor results.

Board Roster

Member Term End
City Manager  Staff
Finance Director  Staff
Alderman Kuykendall City Council
Lee Matecko 9-30-2024
David Tawil 9-30-2025

Governing Document

City Policy #4 - Investments