City Pavilion Reservations

If you are interested in reserving the Pavilion for your event fill out the application packet below.

Submit all reservation requests to the City Secretary at 210.581.1116 or email. If you have questions regarding the City Pavilion contact the City Secretary.

Key Documents


The City of Shavano Park City Pavilion is now available for reservations!

Reservations include the City Pavilion itself and its surrounding grounds, including outdoor grill behind City Hall and restroom facilities. The Pavilion was constructed by the City in 2019-2020 and has been open to the public since the summer of 2020. If you are interested in reserving the Pavilion for your event fill out the application found on this webpage.

Below is a calendar showing unavailable times due to City-sponsored events are timeslots that have already been reserved. If you see a time slot taken below then those times are NOT available for reservation. Below the calendar are pictures of the areas available to rent and optional rental services available.

Photos of the facilities available for rental.

City Pavilion (Exterior)
210721 - Pavilion Exterior

City Pavilion (Interior)
210721 - Pavilion Photo

210721 - Pavilion Interior 2
Restrooms (next to Pavilion)
210721 - Restrooms
Patio & Grill Area
210721 - Patio

Rental Fees & Additional Services
The following items and services are available for rental in addition to the facilities pictures above. The below table  includes the rental fees for the facility and all additional services.  All reservations require a security deposit. All rental fees and security deposits must be received before the event can be reserved. The City Manager may waive the reservation fee for non-profit groups. 

All rental fees can be paid by credit card with a 2.5% processing fee or by check.  All security deposits are required to be paid by check. All checks must be made payable to the City of Shavano Park. The security deposit check will be returned to the applicant if the facilities are restored to good condition after the event. If you wish to pay by credit card you can visit City Hall Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm or call 210.493.3478 to make the payment over the phone.

City Pavilion Private Event Reservations - Security Deposit



Non-Residents (incl. all organizations)


City Pavilion Private Event Reservations – Reservation Fees


$150 for a 2 hour event + $20 for each additional hour

Non-Residents (incl. all organizations)

$300 for a 2 hour event + $40 for each additional hour

Reserved Chair (208 available)

$1.50 per reserved chair

Reserved Table (15 8-foot and 10 6-foot rectangular tables available)

$8.00 per reserved table

Fire Marshal inspection (non-residents events only)


Staff Table & Chair Setup & Teardown Fee

Small event of 100 chairs or less


Large event of 101 chairs or more