2024 Election Links:
Notice of Deadline to File an Application for Place on the Ballot (2024)
Candidate Packet (2024)

2023 Election Links:

Resolution -2023-004 Declaring Unopposed Candidates in the May 6, 2023 General City Election ; Cancelling the election. 
Notice of Deadline to File Application for Place on Ballot (2023)/ Aviso de Fecha Limite Para Presentar Solicitudes Para un Lugar en la Boleta (2023)Notice of Deadline to File Application for Place on Ballot (2023)/ Aviso de Fecha Limite Para Presentar Solicitudes Para un Lugar en la Boleta (2023)

2023 Election Packet 

2022 Election Links:
Official Canvass General/Special Election Results - May 7, 2022
Official Canvass Bond Elections Results - May 7, 2022
Notice of General Election - May 7, 2022
Notice of Bond Election - English May 7 2022
Notice of Bond Election - Spanish May 7, 2022
Shavano Park Bond Ballot
Ordinance 2202-003 Bond Election
Resolution 2202-002 Electing Three Alderman & Reauthorize The Street Maintenance Sales Tax At The Rate OF One - Fourth Of One Percent

Misc Election Links:

Form Campaign Treasurer Appointment (CTA) Instruction Guide
Appointment of Campaign Treasurer (Form CTA)
Campaign Treasurer Appointment (CTA) Instruction Guide 
Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Report Instruction Guide
Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Report-Form C/OH 
Code of Fair Campaign Practices (Form CFCPA) 
Campaign Finance Guide for Candidates and Officeholders Who File with Local Filing Authorities
TML Guide to Becoming an Election Official
Texas Secretary of State
Bexar County Elections Department Voter Registration Information
Texas Ethics Commission

Texas Ethics Commission's Guide to Political Advertising  


Whether you have moved from a neighboring city or from another state, you must be a registered voter in order to vote in the City of Shavano Park.

Municipal Elections/Elecciones Municipales 
The City of Shavano Park City Council election is held on the first Saturday in May of each year. 
May 4, 2024 City of Shavano Park, Texas 

A General /Election in the City of Shavano Park, Texas for the purpose
of electing a three Aldermen.   
Una Elección General en la Ciudad de Shavano Park, Texas con el propósito de elegir tres Concejales.

There are three precincts within the City of Shavano Park - Precinct 3075 /3176/ and 3196. 
Shavano Park Early Election and Election Day Vote Center Location: 
Shavano Park City Hall 900 Saddletree Court 

Monday, April 22 - Tuesday, April 30, 2024: Early voting dates by personal appearance.
Tuesday, April 23, 2024: Last day to receive an application by mail for a ballot to be voted by mail (by close of business).  Applications will only be received by the Bexar County Election Office.

Monday, May 6, 2024: Last day to receive an application to cancel mail ballot that has not arrived at the address on the carrier-envelope. Contact the  Bexar County Election Office for questions. 

Elected Officials of the Political Subdivision/Year in which the Term of the Elected Official Expires:
Oficiales Electos de la Subdivisión Política/Año en que Expira el Mandato del Oficial Electo:
Mayor/Alcalde: Bob Werner, 2025

Mayor Pro Tem/ Alcalde interino: Konrad Kuykendall, 2024
Alderman/Concejal: Albert Aleman, 2025
Alderman/ Concejal: Pete Miller, 2025
Alderman/ Concejal: Maggi Kautz, 2024
Alderman/ Concejal: Lee Powers, 2024

Candidate Eligibility Requirements:

Must be a United States Citizen 
Must be at least 18 years or older on the commencement of the term filed at the election.
Must be a registered voter of the City of Shavano Park as of the filing deadline.
Must have resided continuously in the State of Texas for twelve (12) months and in the City of Shavano Park for six months (6) immediately preceding the filing deadline.
Must not have been determined mentally incapacitated by final judgement of a court.
Must not have been convicted of a felony (unless pardoned or otherwise released from the resulting disabilities). 
Must satisfy any other requirement prescribed by law for the office.

Deadline to File Candidate Application
February 16, 2024 by 5:00 p.m. - Candidate Packet

Notice and Record of Meeting of Political Subdivision’s Governing Body
(If Applicable to Political Subdivision):
City Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes are posted to the City’s website at the following link:

Minutes are posted to the City’s website at the following link: https://www.shavanopark.org/government/meetingrecords.php 

Fecha de la Próxima Elección de Oficial:
900 Saddletree Court.

Shavano Park, Texas 78231 210-493-3478

Requisitos de Elegibilidad del Candidato:

Debe ser ciudadano de los Estados Unidos.
Debe tener al menos 18 años de edad o más el comienzo del término cumplido el la elección. 
Debe ser un votante registrado de la ciudad de Shavano Park a partir de la fecha límite de presentación.
Debe haber residido continuamente en Texas durante doce (12) meses y en la ciudad durante seis (6) meses inmediatamente antes de la fecha límite de presentación. 
No debe haber sido declarado mentalmente incapacitado por sentencia final de un tribunal. 
No debe haber sido finalmente condenado por un delito grave (a menos que sea indultado o liberado de otra manera de las discapacidades resultantes).
Debe satisfacer cualquier otro requisito prescrito por la ley para el cargo.

Fecha Límite Para Presentar la Solicitud de Candidato:
16 de febrero de 2024 antes de las 5:00 p.m. 
For additional information, please contact the Bexar County Elections Department at:
To Register to Vote visit Bexar County Voter Registration.
Applications for a ballot by mail can be obtained by contacting the Bexar County Elections Department at 210-335-0362 

1103 S. Frio, Suite 100, San Antonio, Texas 78207

HB 305 -Internet Posting Requirements for Political Subdivisions - LINK
On September 1, 2019, House Bill 305 became effective.  This bill requires that a political subdivision with the authority to impose a tax, that maintained a publicly accessible internet website at any time on or after January 1, 2019, be required to post on its website the following information:
1.  The political subdivision's contact information , including a mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address;
2. Each elected officer of the political subdivision;
3. The date and location of the next election for officers of the political subdivision;
4. The requirements and deadline for filing for candidacy of each elected office of the political subdivision which shall be continuously posted for at least one year before the election for the office.