NW Military Highway Update

240618 - NW Military Update

Residents, with the completion of the NW Military project, mail delivery to individual residences along NW Military will resume and the community mailbox at City Hall closed once mailbox installation is complete. TxDOT contractor has already installed mailbox poles for all properties along NW Military. TxDOT has informed the City that the contractor will purchase basic model mailboxes (see picture) and place them on top of the poles unless the resident selects their own mailbox and installs it themselves. Some residents have already installed their own mailbox on top of the poles. TxDOT has informed the City that residents are also responsible for putting their address on the mailbox (whether or not the resident selects and installs their own mailbox).

Once all mailboxes are installed, either by TxDOT contractor, or by residents themselves, mail will return to the individual mailboxes and the community mailbox at City Hall will be disassembled.

If you live on NW Military and have questions or concerns about your mail call the City at 210.493.3478.
Standard Mailbox