Google Fiber coming to Shavano Park

Google Fiber is coming to Shavano Park to provide high speed and reliable fiber internet starting in 2024!

On Monday, September 18, the City Council approved a right-of-way access agreement with Google Fiber. Google Fiber has told the City their intentions is to build out to all neighborhoods and residential areas of the City – both HOA and non-HOA. You and learn more about Google Fiber’s internet service offerings at This agreement covers all non-HOA areas of the City and Shavano Creek (which while being an HOA have public streets).

The City has no authority to authorize Google Fiber access to a private gated HOA communities of Bentley Manor, Willow Wood, Pond Hill Garden Villas, Huntington and De Zavala Estates. Google Fiber still has to arrange access agreements with these private gated communities. If you live in one of these gated communities you may soon hear about Google Fiber consideration to come to your HOA.

The bringing of high speed fiber internet to the homes of Shavano Park has been a vision of City Council, who in 2022 formed a High Speed Internet Committee lead by Alderman Pete Miller and composed of two residents, Al Walea and Dennis Strong along with the Assistant City Manager Curtis Leeth. The High Speed Internet Committee will continue to engage with internet service providers to encourage investment in Shavano Park and improve internet service options for residents.