Shavano Park Water Utility - Water Quality 2021 Consumer  Confidence Report

Shavano Park Water System Users,

Great News! The annual testing of the Shavano Park water system and the water that we provide to residents has been tested and again the City’s water exceeds state and federal requirements.

In order to ensure that tap water is safe to drink, EPA prescribes regulations which limit the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by public water systems. FDA regulations establish limits for contaminants in bottled water which must provide the same protection for public health.

Per TCEQ rules and guidelines a Consumer Confidence Report “CCR” is generated each year to give you as the consumer the test results about the water system that provides your drinking water. The CCR can be found on the City’s Website at, or you can call the Water Department office at 210-492-2841 and request an electronic/hard copy be sent to you.