City of Shavano Park contracts with Republic Services to provide bi-annual brush / bulk pickup service.  A new Brush / Bulk schedule is now in place beginning February 7th. The city is now divided into five areas, please refer to the map below to determine the date your area will be picked up.  We ask residents to start putting brush at the curb in front of their home not more than one week before your scheduled pick-up date.

There is a ten (10) cubic yard limit per household, any amount exceeding this limit may result in an additional fee from Republic Services.   For comparison - One (1) cubic yard is two (2) 95-gallon carts. Citizens are provided one (1) 95-gallon cart.       

RESIDENTIAL BRUSH PICK UP ONLY!!!!  - Commercial Tree Trimmers that you hire for tree trimming must remove the trimmed waste as it will not be picked up by Republic Services. If your contractor does not want to haul the trimmings, you may contact Republic Services at 210-304-2700 for a price estimate to remove the contractor’s waste.

Section 1 – Febuary 7th     
- Huntington                                                      
- Willow Wood
- Bentley Manor
- Pond Hill Garden Villas

Section 2- Febuary 8th, 9th   
- Shavano Creek

Section 3 – Febuary 10th,11th  
- The “Estates”
- Ripple Creek/Painted Post neighborhood

Section 4 - Febuary 14th – 15th
- The Old Shavano - West of NW Military
- NW Military

Section 5 - Febuary 16th- 17th
- Old Shavano  – East of NW Military

220112 - Brush Pickup Map

Accepted Materials:
Shrubs / Tree Branches / Woody Vines / Other herbaceous and woody plants
BBQ grills (without compressed gas tanks)
Water heaters
Appliances ***Refrigerators, freezers, and a/c window units will be collected only if refrigerant has been removed and the appliance is tagged and certified, indicating removal of refrigerant***. 

Materials Not Accepted
Household Trash
Hazardous Materials (paints, household cleaners)
Compressed Gas Tanks
Televisions / Computers
Medical Waste
Appliances with refrigerant that have not been removed and certified.