Shavano Park TextMyGov Launches!

The City has partnered with TextMyGov to allow residents to easily sign up to receive text alerts from the City! This same program allows you find information and report issues easily by text as well! It requires no app download, or account signup - all you do is text a number! 

The system includes 2 numbers - an interactive number and an alert-only number. 
To find information, report issues or to ask a staff person to help - get started by Texting "Hi" to 210.853.2003. It should be intuitive. If you have a question - just text it! I'd start with words like ALERTS, REPORT and FAQ to get orientated. For a full listing of words you can visit

shavanopark-alertsTo sign for text alerts,  text 91869 one of the following words. Each word signs up for a different category of alerts. Sign up for only what you want!

  • COSPEMERGENCY - to receive City-wide emergency alerts (recommended!)
  • COSPWATER - to receive Shavano Park Water Utility alerts (NOT FOR SAWS CUSTOMERS) 
  • COSPWATCH - to receive Neighborhood Watch texts from Police Department
  • COSPEVENTS - to receive information about City-wide events (non-emergency)