NW Military Construction Update

Residents, NW Military Highway construction continues and the City has three important updates to share with all residents:

1) Lane Closures
August 9 – 13 from 9AM to 5PM, NW Military will be half closed for work on utility crossings. Traffic will be shifted to one side of NW Military for 2-way traffic (one lane northbound and one lane southbound). See below picture:
210716 - FM1535 Phase 1 Lane Closure

2) Utility Relocation
Next week, utility relocations will begin. This includes CPS Energy (Electric/Gas), SAWS, and the Shavano Park Water Utility. Any disruptions to your utility services will come with a 24 hour door hanger notice. Be sure to check your front door regularly for door hangers throughout the project!

3) Mailbox Demolition
Next week any remaining mailboxes in the right-of-way will be demolished. Since July 16 all Post Office mail has been sent to the Community Mailbox at City Hall (900 Saddletree – see picture). Contractor will perform a courtesy check for mail in mailboxes before starting demolition. Any mail the contractor finds they will place on your front door or gate.

If you have not received your mail key to the Community Mailbox, you must go to the nearby Post Office (12951 Huebner Road) and provide valid ID with matching address and/or bring provide a copy of a utility bill to provide proof of residency in order to receive your key.
210716 - Community Mailbox

We know you will have many more questions and concerns throughout this major construction project. Staff have created a one stop shop for all information regarding the project at shavanopark.org/nwmilitary

The City will provide project updates and information through this website project page, the Roadrunner Newsletter (mailed and posted on this webpage), and our social media channels: Twitter @ShavanoPark, Facebook @ShavanoPark, and the Shavano Park NextDoor community.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns regarding the construction or the work of the contractor, please call the City at 210.493.3478 or email contact@shavanopark.org.