Shavano Park has an ordinance only allowing tree trimming certain months of the year due to Oak Wilt. December and January are 2 months allowed for trimming per City Ordinance. Prior to trimming your trees please remember to pick up your permit at City Hall for $35. Residents who trim their trees themselves, your permit is good for the year. If you hire a Contractor, the contractor is required to pull the permit and it is good for 14 days from the date purchased.

To assist residents in removing the debris, Shavano Park Fire and Public Works Departments in conjunction with the Firewise program will be hosting a Chipper Day. This event will allow resident to bring brush and yard debris to the City Hall parking lot for chipping and disposal. This is a perfect opportunity to clean brush and undergrowth from your yards while helping to prevent the spread of wildfires.

This event will be on January 9thth, 2021 between 8am and noon. No material larger than 6” will be accepted.

This will also be an opportunity for residents to pick up (free) mulch, provided by our Public Works Department.

Please contact Public Works Director Peterson at (210) 492-2841 or the Fire Chief  Dover at (210) 492-1111 if you have any questions.