Animal Control

Contact the City of Shavano Park Police Department for non-emergency animal control at (210) 804-0110, for emergencies please contact 911. Answers to some common questions are below.

What do I do if my animal has been bitten or has bitten another animal or person?

DeZavala-Shavano Veterinary Clinic will pick up contained dogs and cats which have been bitten, bitten another animal or person, or have had a potential rabies exposure and impound, provide food, water, and lodging in a quarantined area. During the quarantine period the animal will undergo rabies testing in accordance with applicable laws. If the results come back negative, the animal may be reclaimed by the owner after all applicable fees have been paid to DeZavala-Shavano Veterinary Clinic by the owner of the animal. If the animal is not reclaimedafter the quarantine period. the animal will be placed for adoption at the Humane Society of Bexas County. If the animal tests positive for rabies, DeZavala-Shavano Veterinary Clinic will provide humane euthanizatioin and disposal of impounded animals that are infected and will notify appropriate agencies ad Shavano Park's Police Chief of the positive results immediately.

What if I have a skunk, racoon, or other wildlife problem?

Please call Wildlife Rescue & Rehablilitation at 830.336.2725. Wildlife Rescue is a nonprofit organization that is committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured and displaced native wildlife and to provide sanctuary for those who are unable to return to their native habitat.

If I have lost my pet, how do I see if Animal Control has found it?

If there has been a report of a lost/ loose pet in the area, the Police Department will send an officer to find the animal. Once the animal has been found by the officer, he/she will attempt to locate the owner. If there is no such luck, the officer will take the animal to the Shavano Park Police Department where they will search for a pet ID chip. If there is still no luck in locating the owner, the officer will take the animal to the Dezavala Shavano Veterniary Clinic.

At the clinic the pet will be given food and water and placed in holding pending examination by one of the veterinarians. The vet will do a basic assessment for the animals health and determine what must be done do assure it is in good condition, and will them complete its research by attempting to determine the owerner of the pet. If the owner still cannot be determined of notified , the staff at DSVC will then notify the local host animal website,, so that the animal can be posted as found. DSVC handles all aspects of CoSP animal care and boards the animals until the owner is found or the animal can be found a new home. DSVC is a no-kill shelter site that is contracted by the city.