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Municipal Tract

Municipal Tract
The 22-acre Municipal Tract upon which City Hall and the 911 Emergency Center reside was deeded to the City by  The Rogers Shavano Ranch, Ltd. in 2000 for use as "general municipal, municipal recreational, or other community-orientated purposes and/or facilities." In 2001 the City Hall and 911 Emergency Center were constructed on the Municipal Tract.

The City began reviewing options for appropriate use of the remaining 16 acres of the rest of the Municipal Tract during the 2010 Town Plan meetings, where a consensus was presented that "d
eveloping the Municipal Tract into a community recreational and community center would help maintain the rural character of Shavano Park and provide a place for citizens to gather for community events." The Town Plan called for the funding of an engineer study to determine possibilities for the site. In 2014 the City acquired the services of LGA/Weave, a joint venture between two experienced architectural and landscaping services companies and an engineering firm, to perform a feasibility study to determine possible usages of the remaining approximately 16-acre parcel of land owned by the City of Shavano Park. The Study concluded that the Municipal Tract was suitable for a wide range of community development, ranging from simple pathways and a pavilion to more extensive facilities. The Feasibility Study also detailed potential drainage improvements to the property.

With the Feasibility Study on hand, the City in 2015, conducted a survey of residents in conjunction with Dr. Korbel of Core Research, a public polling company. The Survey, conducted in January and February 2015, concluded "There is no definitive answer to the question regarding the possible development of the Municipal Tract." See survey report for details.